Psychopaths usually look and act like human beings, often especially pleasant and likeable human beings.  It’s an act to lure people into their sphere of influence where they can do horrible things to them.

Psychopaths can be found in all walks of life; some of their worst damage is done in those walks which give them control of the fates of their victims.  In an ideal world, psychopaths would be excluded from all positions of authority which make it easier for them to hurt people.

The root of the problem with psychopaths is that due to brain damage or dysfunction they lack empathy and conscience, qualities that most make us human and set us apart from the lower animals.  Without empathy and conscience toward others, the personalities remaining become inhuman predatory monsters who derive pleasure from manipulating and hurting others in various ways.  Serial killers are a well-known extreme type of psychopath for example, and while all serial killers are psychopaths, by no means are all psychopaths serial killers.  Most are content to do emotional and mental damage to others, lying and stealing their way through life.  There is no ‘fixing’ psychopaths, but self-protection from them is sometimes possible if they are recognized behind their masks, which up to now has not been an easy task.

Today however, science has made psychopathy both detectable and even measurable. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) with the proper testing will accomplish this in such a way that cheating is not possible.  This opens up our ability as a people to decide to eliminate psychopaths from public life, by recognizing them and removing them from positions of authority before they can do us serious harm.  Other benefits of identifying psychopaths exist too, for example one day soon a great many court cases should be able to yield greater justice by identifying the psychopaths in question. The future holds many good reasons to scientifically identify psychopaths, and there are no downsides to doing so.

Right away though, psychopaths should be excluded entirely from these kinds of positions of responsibility:

  • Police
  • Judges
  • Teachers
  • Family and child welfare workers
  • Mayors and other local government heads
  • State Representatives and Senators
  • Federal Representatives and Senators
  • Major government agency heads
  • Presidents

Most Important Now:

We are in an unusual election cycle in which the two major political parties appear to have possibly-legitimate claims of psychopathy against the Presidential candidates fielded by the other. If enough people care, it ought to be possible to compel all candidates for political office to be tested for psychopathy.  Why should we not do this?  We would be crazy not to!  If you agree, please Share this page on Facebook and Twitter and by email, asking your friends to support psychopathy testing for all candidates at the Federal level this election cycle, and later we’ll urge that it be broadened to more situations.  None of us deserve to be victimized by psychopaths ever again, so after telling your friends please sign up for our newsletter below so we can keep you updated on developments!